During a Hurricane…

Is it OK to FLUSH?

A Guide To Sewer Use During A Hurricane, Tropical Storm Or Flood

The Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District (KLWTD) and Islamorada, Village of Islands are at work before, during and after a storm to keep the central sewer collection system and processing plant fully operational.

KLWTD service area: Mile Marker 106 to the north end of the Tavernier Creek Bridge Islamorada service area: south of the Tavernier Creek Bridge to the south end of Lower Matecumbe Key. While the wastewater system is designed to operate during most significant storm events, there are a few conditions where service may be interrupted. It is important for our customers to understand these situations.


Widespread Power Outages

Extreme Wind With Rain


Mandatory Evacuations and Recovery



Reduced Usage Recommended

Reduced Usage Recommended

Reduced Usage Recommended

More Information

Sewer facilities are on generator back-up and are regularly tested and prepared for power interruptions. If you have an on-site (grinder pump) system, you will need to conserve sewer usage until power is restored to your home.

Heavy rain with extreme winds (over 50 mph) can pose a threat to power generators. The system may be temporarily interrupted during these periods but will be restored immediately after.

Rising water above the in-home drains can allow for the infiltration of large amounts of water into the sewer system. During periods of flooding, portions of the collection systemmay betemporarily shutdowntoavoid overwhelming the system.

During periods of mandatory evacuations, service may be interrupted. The system will be restored, usually before reentry is allowed to the general public.

“Reduce Usage Recommended” means: Water usage should be for sanitary purposes only. Minimize toilet flushing, use of washing machines and dishwashers. Refrain from washing cars, boats, decks or buildings.

  • Do not park or place debris on or next to air terminals, utility boxes or manhole covers.
  • Notify your wastewater district of leaks or system failures.
  • Never drain storm waters into the sewer system–it’s against the law.
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