KLWTD monthly wastewater charges are on the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority bill. See “Bill Details” for “Wastewater base facility charge and Wastewater usage charge.


The wastewater base facility charge is a monthly recurring charge and is calculated by multiplying $27.13 times your EDU assignment.

For Single Family homes, the EDU assignment is 1.0. For Multi-Family homes, the EDU assignment is 1.0 times the number of units.

For Commercial and Mixed-Use parcels, the EDU assignment is calculated by evaluating water usage.


The wastewater usage charge is calculated by multiplying $4.26 per 1000 gallons by the number of gallons shown under “Total Consumption”.

Shows location of charges on monthly water bill.

For bill charges or customer service changes, contact:

Water – Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority

Wastewater – contact KLWTD Assessment & Billing department here , or call 305-451-4019.

Need Financial Assistance?

Financial assistance is available for your monthly wastewater bill. Low income senior citizens and disabled American veterans who qualify for the discount will receive a 50% discount on their wastewater base facility charge.

To download the application click here then complete and submit the application to the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority.